• President, Kenneth Stump
  • Vice President, Mike Sweet
  • Secretary, Laurie Kotalac
  • Co-Treasurers, Matt Berthold and Chris Racz
  • Past President, Nancy Valentine


  • Beth Bugner
  • Lynn Dacey
  • Doug Dukes
  • Vickie Kania
  • Jeff Karson
  • Michael Krueger
  • Carol Reddick
  • Rebecca Schmeller
  • Scott Tuchek

Ex-Officio Members

  • Aaron Sable, Superintendent
  • Dr. Kris Quallich, Assistant Superintendent
  • Amy Busby, Director of Community Relations
  • Carolyn Grenfell, Joyce Ebner Tutoring Center Coordinator
  • Bill Grenfell, GAP Grants
  • Jeanne Pritchard, School Board Liaison

Contributing/Honorary Trustee

  • Mark Dolan
  • David Knight
  • Hub Marquis
  • Kim Tuchek

Supporting Our Hive

Bee a part of our new program, Supporting Our Hive—a fundraising effort that helps grow our community’s students while surprising you with some acts of thanks in return.