Helping students maintain skills over the summer months.

Started in 1973, the Summer Reinforcement Program is a tutoring program open to any child, age 3 to 14 years, in Medina County.  It is a classroom-setting program with tutoring emphasis on Math and Reading as well as Speech Therapy.  There are no new materials introduced—only reinforcing and re-teach of basic classroom skills.

The Classes

Every effort is made to keep the classes small.  If the schools or parents request Speech Therapy, our therapist will provide that service in a Resource Room or classroom setting.  Easter Seals of Northeast Ohio provides the Speech Therapy.  The classes are a structured schedule of academic skills.  The emphasis is on Math and Reading skills, but many other activities are included.  A Social Group experience is offered.  There are no textbooks, no grades, and no homework.  Every effort is made to make the Program fun while the children learn.

Post-Program Evaluation

At the end of the Program, an evaluation report will be given to each family to share the child’s progress.  Skills and activities held during the five-week program will be listed so that parents will know what learning opportunities were provided.  Parent conferences are encouraged.  Parents are invited to observe their child in the classroom setting at any time.

The Staff

The Program is staffed with fully licensed teachers with appropriate experience/certification.  Each classroom will have a lead teacher, an assistant teacher, and a teen/college aide.  Many of the aides are employed during the year with school systems within the county.  If needed, one-on-one aides are available.  A Children’s Literacy, Autism teacher and a Social Group facilitator provide extra services.

Program Cost

The tuition fee for the 5-week program is $400.00* (*optional speech services – additional $50).  Payment of $100.00 is due upon registration to hold a place.  The balance of the tuition ($200) is due the first day of the program.    There is a limited amount of financial assistance available.  To qualify for financial aid, the family must write a letter requesting such and include it with the application.  The letter should include why they need assistance.  No rent or pay stubs are needed.  A truthful letter will be sufficient. Classes fill quickly, and classes will be closed prior to the deadline if enrollment is full.


Transportation to the Program is the responsibility of the parents.  The Program will share address information to assist with car pool arrangements.  An Extended School Year child will be bused.

Vacations & Absenses

Our schedule is flexible, but there are no refunds for absent days due to illness or vacation.  If your child goes to camp, we will continue your child’s program when he/she returns.  There are many camp-offerings in the summer.  We encourage each family to decide what camp program is best for their child.  Frequently, children attend one or more programs throughout the summer.

Children with Unique Needs

The staff of the Summer Reinforcement Program is fully prepared to provide special services.  If your child needs special equipment, let us know.  Your child need not be potty-trained to attend.

The Summer Reinforcement Program is a Partner Agency of the United Way of Medina County.  Tuition, fundraisers, and special grants also assist in providing funds for the program. The Medina City Schools Foundation is a proud supporter.

For questions, call Jane Langol at 330-725-5311 or Kim Love at 330-289-5995 or email

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