Supporting Our Hive

Your business = local super hero?

Sounds kind of fun, right? As a corporate sponsor of our new community fundraising program, you provide the gifts (big, small or anywhere in-between) that result in surprising "make your day" moments for Medina area residents.

Supporting Our Hive

How does it work?

Every Medina community member who donates at least $25 to the Medina City Schools Foundation will receive a Medina Proud car magnet. Plus, in return for their generous support, community members will receive random acts of kindness and thanks by our squad of “thanker bees” when their sticker is spotted in public.

How can you help?

If you provide a gift of any kind (i.e., vouchers, coupons, merchandise, etc.), you provide the fuel to create happy moments. And, in turn, you’ll be featured on our website, receive a window sticker, and, hopefully, drive more business from happy people. What makes this program unique is that the quantity and type(s) of gifts are completely up to you. Simply put, the more gifts you’re able to give, the more genuinely happy moments you’ll be a part of.


Let’s talk about what types of gifts make sense that can benefit both your business as well as the community.

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Who does this program support?

Your commitment to the Medina City Schools Foundation impacts the students in many important ways:


Innovation Grants
Music Enrichment
Education Grants

Tutoring &

Joyce Ebner Tutoring Center
Summer Reading Program

Scholarships &

Endowed Scholarships
Annual Scholarships
College Access Program

You and your family can participate individually as well. Click here become a member.