The goal is to provide the opportunity for every student to obtain higher education.

Medina City Schools Foundation college access program initiative originated in 2003 to ensure an adequate supply of qualified workers to sustain economic growth in the community. The elements of MCSFcap are available to all residents of the Medina City School District.

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The following are the guidelines for MCSFcap GAP Grant program, sponsored by the Medina City Schools Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Medina City Schools Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, color, national origin, physical handicap, sexual orientation, or age.  

  1. MCSFcap Gap Grants are available to Medina High School graduates living within the geographical boundaries of the Medina City School District at the time of their graduation. 
  2. Applicants must apply within four years of graduation to be eligible to participate in the program. 
  3. An applicant may participate in the program for a total of five consecutive years. 
  4. Students shall be considered for a grant only after they have demonstrated to the satisfaction of MCSFcap they have applied for all other sources of financial aid by the required deadlines; and if they demonstrate financial need as determined by Federal guidelines. 
  5. Students must meet the minimum grade point average requirement of 2.5 each year and shall submit to the MCSFcap office their grade reports at the end of each post-secondary year before MCSFcap GAP grants will be renewed for subsequent years. 
  6. Students must be attending full-time an accredited or qualified post-secondary school (as defined by the Department of Pupil Services, the Medina City Schools District and as described in Section 170 (B)(1)(A)(II) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) to be eligible for a MCSFcap GAP grant. 
  7. The maximum amount of each year’s grant is $1,500 or the student’s unmet need for financial aid as determined by the student’s post-secondary school in its analysis of the student’s most recent FAFSA form, which ever is lesser.  
  8. All grants will be paid directly to the post-secondary institution in one installment in the first term of attendance. 

Recipients of GAP grants must volunteer at least 1 hour of community service for each $250 of GAP grant award and, if requested, meet with the MCSFcap Director at least once a year.

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